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Conference management

Conference management interface available in Profile section of the video conferencing service website offers the following functionality:

  • Scheduling conferences
  • Inviting people to conference via e-mail, Outlook calendar
  • Joining active video conferences from the video conferencing service website
  • Editing conferences
  • Repeating past conferences
  • Conference archive, conference information
  • Deleting conferences
  • Editing personal information
  • Downloading video conferencing software

Scheduling conferences

First, you need to log in and proceed to your Profile page. "Schedule conference" tab is available from there.

To schedule a conference, type in its topic, start and end time. Conference ID and password are generated automatically but can be edited manually if necessary.

If you do not want the conference to start in your absence, uncheck "Allow joining in the absence of conference owner" option. This option is checked by default, so that conference participants can join the conference in your absence.

Next, click "Schedule" button.

Ad hoc conferences

To start a conference immediately, type in the conference topic and click "Start conference now" button. A 30-minute conference will be created and started immediately.

You can leave the conference topic empty; in this case, the conference will be automatically named "Ad hoc conference".

Inviting people to conferences

To invite people to your conference, you can use a range of invitation methods:

  • send automatically generated e-mail messages containing conference information,
  • or use any other method for delivering conference info (website URL, conference ID and password) or direct hyperlink to the people you want to invite.

Inviting via e-mail

You can send conference invitations via e-mail. Click "Send invitation e-mail" button to automatically generate an e-mail message containing all conference information including a direct hyperlink.

Type in e-mail addresses for people you want to invite, and send the e-mail.

Conference log

All scheduled conferences are listed in "My conferences" list on "Schedule conference" page. By using control buttons on this page, you can join, view, edit, or delete any conference.

"Conference log" is another conference management section that can be accessed by clicking "Conference log" tab.

The log contains data on both scheduled and past conferences including: conference date, start time, end time, conference topic, status: online online (conference is running or can start at any moment) or offline offline.

Scheduled conferences

"Scheduled conferences" list contains all your conferences running now or scheduled for later.

The following conference management functionality is available in the conference log:

  • joining conferences joining conferences
  • viewing conference info viewing conference info
  • editing conferences editing conferences
  • deleting conferences deleting conferences

Conference archive

"Conference archive" contains the list of past conferences.

The following conference management functionality is available in the conference archive:

  • viewing conference info viewing conference info
  • repeating conferences repeating conferences
  • deleting conferences deleting conferences

Joining conferences

Click joining conferences button to join a conference running at the moment.

If "Remember me on this computer" option is enabled, you will join the conference.

If the option is disabled, you will be asked under which name you want to join the conference, then you will join the conference.

Viewing conference info

Click viewing conference info button to view general conference information and add events to calendar.

Editing conferences

Click editing conferences button to access the conference editing page where you can modify conference topic and start time. Next, click "Notify participants" to send the updated invitations via e-mail or calendar event functionality.

Important: Don't forget to notify the conference participants after changing the conference start time.

Repeating conferences

To repeat a past conference, click repeating conferences button.

Conference scheduling window will appear, with conference parameters already filled in. Edit conference parameters if necessary, and click "Schedule" button.

The conference will be moved from the archive to the "Scheduled conferences" list.

Deleting conferences

Click deleting conferences button to delete a conference, and confirm the deletion by clicking "ОК".

Editing personal information

You can view and edit your personal data in Profile section.

After modifying your personal information, click "Save" button. You will be notified as your personal data is saved.

If you have modified your e-mail address, a notification will be sent to the new e-mail address.